More responsiveness, more agility, more power

Take two identical excavators - one equipped with a conventional hydraulic fluid, and the other equipped with DYNAVIS® formulated hydraulic fluid. With a cold start, the hydraulic system on the DYNAVIS® equipped excavator already benefits from better system lubrication and less stress on its vital hydraulic components than the excavator equipped with conventional hydraulic fluid.

As the two excavators reach operating temperature, a visible difference in performance becomes apparent, as the action and speed of the DYNAVIS® equipped excavator surpasses that of the excavator with conventional fluid.

The excavator operated with DYNAVIS® formulated hydraulic fluid is executing its movements faster and more responsively - and yet the equipment operator is using less fuel to do so. This excavator is also achieving a higher number of work cycles compared to the excavator operating with conventional hydraulic fluid. Clearly the excavator using DYNAVIS® formulated hydraulic fluid is transferring more power through its hydraulic system, gaining productivity, and operating with higher fuel efficiency than the excavator operating with conventional fluid.

Based on years of intensive R&D and meticulously designed field test trials, hydraulic equipment operating
with DYNAVIS® formulated fluids have credibly demonstrated their potential to achieve…

Up to 5-15% more hydraulic power under full-load conditions
Up to 5-15% higher flow rate at peak operating temperature
Up to 5-15% faster response to operator control
Up to 5-15% lower fuel consumption to achieve the same amount of work

…when compared to hydraulic equipment operating with conventional monograde hydraulic fluids.