DYNAVIS® delivers superior performance & efficiency

The most efficient hydraulic fluid is one with a viscosity that is precisely matched to its task. It should not be too thin, as otherwise too much of its volume would not flow in the desired pumping direction due to internal leakage.

But, it must also not be too viscous, as the complete hydraulic system then uses more energy than is necessary.

DYNAVIS® technology improves the viscosity index of hydraulic fluids so that they are always ideally matched to their usage in terms of temperature range and mechanical load. The stable viscosity over a broad temperature range allows the use of one ISO grade lower. This reduces friction and the higher viscosity index avoids internal leakage. The corresponding equipment therefore always delivers a measurable gain in efficiency. Depending on the specific situation energy savings of up to 5-15% where measured. The benefits to the equipment owner and operator are significant.