A balance of volumetric and hydromechanical efficiency

Efficiency in hydraulic fluids has two aspects: volumetric efficiency is the ability to transmit power, and mechanical efficiency is the ability to flow. To choose the right fluid, both demands – good power transmission and easy flow – have to be in balance. On one hand, mechanical efficiency of the hydraulic system would benefit from a fluid that is very thin and easily flowing. However, too thin of a fluid delivers poor volumetric efficiency as internal leakage consumes much of the pump’s energy and the fluid gives poor lubrication.

On the other hand, a thick fluid is good for volumetric efficiency as the loss from internal pump leakage is minimal, however this thick fluid would be difficult to flow and result in hydrodynamic friction and churning losses in the overall system. The ideal fluid choice is a compromise. DYNAVIS® formulated fluids are able to keep up this balance for a wider temperature operating window than conventional fluids. They consume less energy due to reduced hydro-mechanical losses and reduced internal leakage.


Hydraulic fluid formulated with DYNAVIS® technology using VISCOPLEX® viscosity index improvers also guarantee high shear stability. This is very important because fluids are subject to high mechanical forces. DYNAVIS® formulated fluids keep their characteristics even under the hardest working conditions.