Extreme conditions, impressive results

More tons per liter, more trips per day!

The extreme working conditions within the mining industry place enormous demands on equipment with hydraulic systems. The result is often loss of power, productivity, and reduced fuel economy.

With DYNAVIS-formulated fluid under realistic and challenging mining operating conditions, slightly lower peak oil pressure accompanied by less frequent pressure peaks within the hydraulic oil system is observed. This saves energy and reduces at stress phases the temperature increase of DYNAVIS-formulated hydraulic fluid in comparison to a reference fluid.

A hydraulic fluid, subjected to less temperature stress, suffers less wear and tear, contributing to a longer service life, thus substantially extending service intervals.

DYNAVIS-formulated hydraulic fluids out performs and lasts longer in equipment over conventional fluid, having a significant impact on total cost of ownership. Under real working conditions, DYNAVIS technology results in fuel savings, increased equipment productivity, reduced down-time, lowered maintenance costs, and improved oil drain and maintenance intervals. Burning less fuel also translates into reduced carbon dioxide emissions and diesel exhaust.

In a mine, switching to a multigrade hydraulic fluid with DYNAVIS technology can reveal productivity gains
(more material moved per day), cut down on fuel consumption (more material/liter of fuel) and reduce operating costs, ultimately improving the mine's bottom line.