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October 14, 2016

With DYNAVIS® technology from Evonik, PT Pertamina brings a new level of efficiency to the coal mining industry in Indonesia

  •  Proven efficiency enhancement by DYNAVIS® technology from Evonik for hydraulic luids for the mining industry
  •  PT Pertamina Lubricants - new DYNAVIS® licensee 
  •  Evonik at the Mining & Engineering (M&E) Indonesia trade show
    Oct. 19 – Oct. 21, 2016, Jakarta

Indonesia is a country renowned for its abundance of natural resources, which makes mining a substantial industry for the country. The coal mining industry contributes significantly to Indonesia’s economic development; at the same time, improving operational efficiency has topped the agenda of the industry for many years. At this year’s Mining & Engineering Indonesia, Evonik Industries will present its DYNAVIS® technology and demonstrate how it can bring a new level of efficiency to hydraulic fluids for the mining industry together with its licensee PT Pertamina Lubricants.

Reach out to a new level of efficiency DYNAVIS® technology from Evonik optimizes the viscosity of hydraulic fluids. Here’s how: like most oils, hydraulic oils lose viscosity at high temperatures. In this state, the hydraulic fluid transfers less hydraulic energy through the hydraulic fluid system, because it has become hot and thin-bodied; “internal leakage” within the system increases and efficiency drops in the desired direction of flow.

In contrast, using a fluid formulated with DYNAVIS® technology results in less internal leakage and the hydraulic fluid system retains its efficiency, even at high temperatures. At the other end of the temperature scale, in extreme cold, oils become increasingly viscous and more and more difficult to pump. As a result, the hydraulic system consumes more energy, primarily through its pump drive. Here too, fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology reduce the pump’s energy consumption.
Commitment to energy savings in response to customer needs PT Pertamina Lubricants, the Indonesian leader in automotive and industrial lubricants, is offering its customers a hydraulic fluid formulated with DYNAVIS® technology through its Turalik HE Series.
“Energy savings and emission reduction have been top priorities in formulating our lubricant products. We share this vision with Evonik. And, considering the proven performance of Evonik’s DYNAVIS® technology, we agreed to join efforts in contributing to energy savings and emission reduction, especially in the industrial sector,” says Andria Nusa, Sales & Marketing Director, PT Pertamina Lubricants.

With a combination of premium base oil and the right additive, Turalik HE Series has proven itself in providing better equipment productivity, increasing pump and fuel efficiency, and extending equipment lifetimes. At the same time, Turalik HE allows for longer oil drain intervals due to its thermal stability, which minimizes oil breakdown, oil thickening and deposit or sludge formation.

“We are very optimistic about the market opportunities for Turalik HE. Pertamina Lubricants is fully committed to working with our customers and OEMs through our field technical support unit for product trials and performance evaluations. This is a real step forward in achieving sustainable development in industrial sectors”, added Andria.

DYNAVIS® technology for optimizing the viscosity of hydraulic fluids is currently available from eight DYNAVIS® technology licensees globally. “The global coverage enables quick response to customer needs,” explains Carlos Vernet, DYNAVIS® Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific. “You’ll find the DYNAVIS® insignia clearly marked on licensee product containers.”

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