Press release
January 21, 2016

Fuel savings trend amplified by optimized, high-performance hydraulic fluid

“A simple change of hydraulic fluid can help save fuel, even—and particularly—in used construction machines,” explains Rolf Fianke, DYNAVIS® Technology Aftermarket Support Manager at Evonik.

As one who knows the sector well, Fianke has noticed increasing demand for technologies that contribute significantly to increasing efficiency. With its core message “More Power. Less Fuel”, the DYNAVIS® technology brand is well on the way to becoming a synonym for more efficient hydraulic fluids.

Building contractors who want to more fully exploit the potential of their machine, or their fleet, would find it well worth their while to drop in at the DYNAVIS® technology team’s exhibit in Hall A6 Stand 245 at bauma. There, they’ll find the story of Nuova Ghizzoni S.p.A., an Italian pipeline contractor, that switched an entire fleet of hydraulic excavators to a fluid formulated with DYNAVIS® technology supplied by a DYNAVIS® licensee— and after just one test.

Machine manufacturers are also invited to get an idea of the potential of hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology. Many construction-machine manufacturers have their own programs for lubricants, using their own brands.

DYNAVIS® with leading global brand partners
Another group with a potential interest in DYNAVIS® technology consists of manufacturers of lubricants who want to be part of the trend toward increasing efficiency. In the short span of barely five years that the internationally active DYNAVIS® team has been systematically making trade-show appearances and gaining market presence with comparison tests, it has already gained several leading global partners. The growing list includes companies such as the French multinational integrated oil and gas company Total, Indian energy giant Indian Oil Corporation, American lubricant specialists such as Schaeffer Oil, and the Hermann Bantleon GmbH, a German producer of lubricants. Common to all these lubricant marketers is an aspiration to gain substantial market share in the high-end hydraulic fluids sector.

Paradigm shift for hydraulic fluids away from conventional single-grade and multigrade oils
Up till now, nearly every construction firm has been trying to save costs on lubricants: The rule of thumb has been that the cheapest hydraulic fluid that satisfies the manufacturer’s specifications is good enough. But times have changed, and the presence of DYNAVIS® in the international construction trade press as well as at Intermat in Paris, bauma China 2014 in Shanghai, and Conexpo in Las Vegas has contributed significantly to the change. The word is out - high-performance hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology save more money than they cost.

Exciting figures from construction machine practice
Look to the DYNAVIS® technology team to provide current case studies proving that efficiency gains from using a better hydraulic fluid are not only feasible, but virtually a given. In fact, the profit zone is often reached surprisingly quickly, with fuel savings of 10 percent—and up to 30 percent under extreme loads.

The DYNAVIS® brand doesn’t represent a hydraulic fluid, but rather a technology, and a complete package of formulation support and global services, using an additive that improves the viscosity index of hydraulic fluids. Fluids formulated to the exacting DYNAVIS® technology performance standards can be recognized by the blue and gold DYNAVIS® label.

Operational and successful worldwide
The benefit of formulation with DYNAVIS® technology is not confined to fuel savings alone. Thanks to DYNAVIS® technology, even in low temperatures, the viscosity-optimized hydraulic fluid stays free-flowing, enabling dependable starts and thus increasing mechanical efficiency. In addition to its reliable low-temperature pumpability, at the high end of the working temperature spectrum, DYNAVIS® technology maintains hydraulic system efficiency with a “check” on internal leakage due to a thinning fluid.

Reducing internal leakage at high temperatures leads to improved efficiency of the entire hydraulic system and optimized response characteristics for the entire machine. As many users report, this is clearly noticeable in used construction machines, where the sealing gaps of pumps and cylinders have tolerances.

The DYNAVIS® technology effect in practice
Field tests have revealed that, in addition to increased efficiency, formulation of hydraulic fluids with DYNAVIS® technology provide noticeable improvements in handling of hydraulic excavators, even when very hot and after several hours of hard work. These excavators continue to respond to control commands promptly and accurately. A screening unit in a sand mine in Lithuania, for example, showed an amazing improvement in running smoothness. The entire system operated more quietly—and saved three liters of diesel for each hour of operation.

Witness the DYNAVIS® effect on hydraulic fluids at the DYNAVIS® stand
To convince the construction industry of the benefits and positive impact of improved hydraulic fluids, an extensive and comprehensive range of digital marketing tools have been developed for DYNAVIS® technology. These tools, which will be available at bauma, include profitability calculators, explanatory videos, interactive training programs, and varied application case studies.

An additional highlight at the stand is a pair of “Efficiency Bikes”, which are technically identical fitness bikes. Both drive hydraulic pumps comparable with those used in construction machines. One of the hydraulic systems contains a DYNAVIS® fluid and the other a conventional hydraulic fluid. A liquid column indicates how much more efficiently the DYNAVIS® fluid functions as the “cyclist” provides the pumping power.

DYNAVIS® partners benefit from the intensive strategic and global communication of the brand. Behind it stands Evonik Industries, a leading global specialty chemicals group. Evonik focuses on high-growth megatrends such as resource efficiency, to which DYNAVIS® technology makes an important contribution.

DYNAVIS® will be represented at bauma 2016 in Hall A6.245 between April 11 and 17, 2016. Further information is available at