Press release
April 4, 2014

DYNAVIS® debuts at CONEXPO/CONAGG/IFPE, March 2014

DYNAVIS® technology made its solo debut in North America at the CONEXPO/CON-AGG/IFPE trade show in Las Vegas


After previous joint appearances with major construction equipment manufacturers in Europe and Asia, Oil Additives’ DYNAVIS® technology made its solo debut in North America at the CONEXPO/CON-AGG/IFPE trade show in Las Vegas.

The 85 square meter DYNAVIS® technology display targetted oil blenders and construction equipment fleet owners and operators among the more than 100,000 attendees at the week-long show. The DYNAVIS Team, composed of a mix of Europe, North America and Asia Oil Additives employees entertained visitors to the stand with a stationary bicycle race simulating the benefits of using DYNAVIS®-formulated multigrade hydraulic fluid versus conventional monograde fluids. Visitors jumped up on either of the two bikes and proceeded to pedal , putting all their muscle and effort into advancing a column of oil to the top of a transparent cylinder. The “pedaler” whose oil was first to reach the top was declared winner. As you might expect, the pedaler representing the DYNAVIS®-formulated fluid won all but one race.

In addition to experiencing the athletic thrill of the bicycle simulation, visitors also were guided through a series of DYNAVIS® PC and iPad-based savings calculators with which they calculated their fuel savings as well as other operational savings from using a DYNAVIS®-formulated fluid. Large flat panel electronic displays throughout the stand carried colorful video animations explaining the chemistry and the mechanics behind DYNAVIS® technology. Several DYNAVIS® case study results were displayed as murals with large pictures, graphics and charts on nearby walls.

The DYNAVIS® Team from Oil Additives was joined at the stand by representatives from TOTAL North America, the France-based energy company which is one of the earliest adopters of DYNAVIS® technology. The TOTAL reps were only too pleased to promote their high efficiency hydraulic fluid, “ EQUIVIS HE”, which is formulated with DYNAVIS® technology.

Based on the success of this Las Vegas-based show, the DYNAVIS® Team will continue to “set its sights” on major trade shows around the globe. The “bauma Shanghai 2014”, November 25-28, is already in sharp focus.

Dynavis® booth

Visitors at the DYNAVIS® booth