Press release
August 1, 2014

Champion Brands and Schaeffer Manufacturing Are the Newest DYNAVIS® Technology Licensees

The DYNAVIS® Team of Evonik Industries is pleased to announce the addition of new DYNAVIS® licensees Champion Brands, LLC., based in Clinton, Missouri, USA and Schaeffer Manufacturing of St. Louis, Missouri USA to its growing worldwide network. The two lubricant formulators and marketers now join the roster of select hydraulic fluid suppliers delivering fuel-efficient hydraulic fluid formulated to DYNAVIS® performance standards.

Champion is an integrated manufacturer, packager and marketer of high performance automotive and industrial lubricants, chemicals and related products. To obtain the Champion 4000 Ultra® product specification, visit

Schaeffer Manufacturing Company, the oldest oil company in America, has been a pioneer in the development of many modern lubrication concepts through the use of additives, frictional modifiers, and synthetics. For more information on Schaeffer and its Dilex Supreme Hydraulic Fluid formulated with DYNAVIS® technology, visit: