More power. Less fuel.

Fuel Efficiency Flows from DYNAVIS® Technology

Use Up to 5-15% Less Fuel

DYNAVIS® Benefits 'Run Hot and Cold'

  • Cold Start - With a DYNAVIS® formulated fluid, less power is required for start-up than with conventional fluids since DYNAVIS® fluids are designed to provide lower viscosity at the lower start-up temperature.
  • Running Hot - Hot hydraulic fluid can escape the "push" of the pump vanes, or pistons, and recirculate rather than be pumped out, creating internal leakage and leading to a destructive spiral of ever-increasing fluid temperature and plummeting pump efficiency. DYNAVIS® formulated fluids are designed to resist recirculation, keep heat build-up in check, maintain pump efficiency -- and enable the operator to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Another added benefit: the hydraulic system retains its responsiveness to the operator's control commands.