More power. Less fuel.

Fuel efficiency flows from DYNAVIS® technology

Always the Ideal Viscosity

DYNAVIS® technology means that hydraulic fluids can be formulated that are perfectly tailored to their particular usage requirements and conditions, as it achieves the perfect viscosity of any base oil that is required. This produces a noticeable and measurable improvement in the efficiency of any hydraulics system – a simple change of the hydraulic fluid is all it takes.

This is evident in the reduced energy consumption and greater temperature stability, and in mobile equipment such as construction machinery also in improved cold starts and significantly higher efficiency at maximum load.

Cold Start

For the start-up, with a DYNAVIS® formulated fluid less power is required than with conventional fluids since DYNAVIS® fluids are designed to provide lower viscosity at the lower start-up temperature.

Running Hot

Hot hydraulic fluid can escape the "push" of the pump vanes, or pistons, and recirculate rather than be pumped out, creating internal leakage and leading to a destructive spiral of ever-increasing fluid temperature and plummeting pump efficiency. DYNAVIS® formulated fluids are designed to resist recirculation, keep heat build-up in check, maintain pump efficiency, and enable a reduction of enery consumption.

Another added benefit: The hydraulic system retains its responsiveness to the operator's control commands.