Injection Molding

Because "Standard" Is No Longer an Option – 
The Better Hydraulic Fluid for Injection Molding Machines

All companies that use injection molding machines are in constant competition for low unit operating costs. Many steps have already been taken in terms of design. For example, machine manufacturers offer special energy-saving equipment to reduce the power consumption of the machines even further. In general, newer machines have already been pushed a long way in their design with regard to energy-saving measures.

Environmental audits, which are linked to the EU Directive 2012/27/EU (which calls for a 20% reduction in primary energy consumption by 2020 in the EU economic area), put pressure on the manufacturing industry. Companies are reducing their energy consumption with environmental measures such as solar panels, heat recovery systems, or systematically switching off tools during idling phases. The imagination knows no limits but a shrinking marginal benefit is looming here.

One simple and clever step that can be taken is to change the hydraulic fluid in injection molding machines from inefficient to efficient fluid. The range of injection molding machines that could benefit from fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology is therefore, quite simply, unlimited.