When your job is to deliver exceptional performance

Is DYNAVIS® for you



Your equipment is stressed. On a daily basis, whether you're in the construction industry, mining or the agricultural field, you know firsthand the punishing demand that's placed on your equipment. And supporting everything you do is your hydraulic system, sometimes working double-digit hours each day. Don't let your hydraulic system down. With DYNAVIS® formulated hydraulic fluids you can count on maximum productivity, significant fuel savings, and reliable and sustained performance from your equipment.

When the 'heat is on' - conventional fluids lose their 'punch'

With conventional hydraulic fluids, the hydraulic system performance suffers at or near maximum operating temperature. Why? Because high temperatures "thin out"or reduce the hydraulic fluid's resistance to flow (viscosity). When this happens, the vanes or pistons of the hydraulic pump are unable to push an adequate amount of fluid, and the fluid recirculates, creating what's known as "internal leakage". The more fluid that recirculates, the higher temperatures become within the system because of the additional frictional heat that's created. This leads to a downward spiral in performance which causes the equipment operator to "step on the gas pedal" to maintain performance.

Needless to say, using more fuel to do the same amount of work is inefficient, and expensive.

And things only get worse, as the hydraulic system becomes progressively less responsive and work productivity falls significantly.

And when the hydraulic system goes down, so do the hydraulic-driven tools that it powers.

Stress increases for hydraulic system components, like pumps. hoses, seals - and the result is reduced service life.

Not surprisingly, service life is also cut short for the system's conventional hydraulic fluid, which began the downward spiral in response to high operating temperatures.

What to do?

Turn to DYNAVIS® formulated hydraulic fluids for performance that fails to fade - even at extremes in operating temperature. DYNAVIS® formulated fluids retain viscosity in the face of high operating temperatures - when conventional fluids grow weak. As a result:

  • pump performance remains stable

  • fluid temperature is kept under control

  • stress on the system overall is kept in-check

  • wear and tear on hydraulic system components is kept within normal parameters

  • best of all, fuel consumption is significantly less than that of a conventional hydraulic fluid.

What all this means is that, the greater the stress placed on your hydraulic equipment, the more you stand to gain from using only DYNAVIS® formulated hydraulic fluids!